Sue Addison

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Sue Addison, Trombonist

Jessie's Fund (reg. charity no. 1045731) was established five years ago by colleagues of Sue Addison, Lesley Schatzberger (clarinet) and Alan George (viola, Fitzwilliam String Quartet).

Its original purpose was to pay for treatment for their 9 year old daughter, Jessica, who had a brain tumour. There was no treatment available in the UK which could save her, but there was a glimmer of hope in the US, so friends started the fund in order to take her to New York for treatment which was to cost around £30,000. Sadly, Jessica died before undertaking the trip: Lesley and Alan decided that the fund would be a memorial to her and help sick children through the therapeutic use of music.

JESSIE'S Fund works mainly through children's hospices, which are homes used largely for respite care, but also as non-institutional havens where children can spend their last days with their families. The Fund has supplied all the children's hospices in the U.K. (at the moment there are 16) with musical instruments, and is now running a project to place a music therapist into each of these hospices. Active music-making gives seriously ill children a means of expression and enjoyment, and can also improve co-ordination and motor skills. For these children with life-limiting illness it is a wonderful way to enhance the quality of an all too short life. There are presently eight music therapists in children's hospices being supported by JESSIE'S Fund

The cost of placing a music therapist into a hospice for one day a week for one year is £7,452. Our aim is to establish a music therapist in at least one more hospice (but preferably two) as a result of this amazing walk. Sue is planning to publish a book, with the help of Rachel Platt, about her experiences on the walk, and proceeds will also go to JESSIE'S Fund.

If you would like to know more about JESSIE'S Fund, or/and can sponsor Sue Addison to help make this walk the real financial success she deserves (even small donations are most welcome), please contact Lesley Schatzberger by e-mail: