Sue Addison

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Sue Addison, Trombonist

Last Year Sue walked the Pennine Way in aid of the charity JESSIE'S Fund, which helps sick children through the creative and therapeutic use of music. Sue is now going to walk nearly four times that distance and create a world first at the same time - setting out, trombone in hand, from Land's End to John O'Groats on 9 March 1999, Sue will perform a fanfare in all the villages and towns she passes through. We are certain no-one has ever done this before!

Why the Walk?
It is obvious that undertaking such a walk represents an enormous donation of time, energy and expense on Sue's behalf. So why is she doing it? Sue has been a leading trombone player on the London scene for 20 years, and has decided it's time to take a sabbatical. Her love of walking began at the age of 8, when she would go out rambling whilst other kids were watching TV. Four years ago she resumed that early interest and took it up with a passion, motivated by the good causes she decided to support by finding sponsorship.

Sue's first major expedition was the West Highland Way, which she walked in aid of The Clarence Adoo Trust. In September 1997 she walked the Pennine Way in aid of JESSIE'S Fund and raised over £3,000, and now she is taking almost three months out of work in order to do The Big One, also in aid of Jessie's Fund, with which she has personal connections. Singer Rachel Platt, who walked the Pennine Way with her, will co-ordinate the walk from London (Sue goes solo this time), being the key contact person and checking in with Sue at frequent intervals.

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