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Michael Bennett (Viola) Profile

Orchestral bookings (since joining Morgensterns in January 2016)

  • Orchestras: Chameleon Arts Orchestra, De Havilland Philharmonic, Hastings Philharmonic Orchestra, London Concert Orchestra.
  • Orchestras (Baroque/Classical): Deller Consort.

Michael's orchestral work also includes

  • Amadeus Orchestra 2009
  • Ashford Choral Society
  • Aurelian Ensemble (co-principal) 2014-present
  • Britten-Pears Orchestra 2008-09
  • Canterbury Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Charities Philharmonia 2010
  • Kensington Symphony Orchestra 2009
  • Leighton Buzzard Festival Singers 2014 to present
  • London Mahler Orchestra (co-principal) 2012 to present
  • London Gay Symphony Orchestra (principal) 2007-10
  • Outcry Ensemble 2015
  • Petersfield Orchestra
  • Philharmonia Britannica (principal) 2009-12
  • Rochester Choral Society
  • Royal Holloway Symphony, String, and Chamber Orchestras (principal) 2005-2009
  • Shenfield and Hutton Choral Society 2015
  • The Rehearsal Orchestra (co-principal) 2007 to present
  • University of London Symphony Orchestra 2006-09
  • Whitgift School Orchestra - Hamlet
  • Young Musicians' Symphony Orchestra (co-principal) 2008-12

Michael has extensive orchestral experience in London, including principal positions in leading amateur young professional orchestras. Key experience includes much of the symphonic repertoire, including all Mahler and Brahms symphonies, and well as work for choral societies. He is a regular player in the Aurelian Orchestra, covering choral concerts in London and surrounding counties.

Also among the various UK orchestras Michael has worked with are orchestras such as the Chameleon Arts Orchestra, De Havilland Philharmonic and the Hastings Philharmonic Orchestra. Michael also has chamber orchestra experience including the New Burlington Quartet, as well as various other quartets playing at functions.

Michael's solo performances include the

  • Bach cello suites, no. 2, 3 and 6
  • Hindemith sonata for solo viola Op.25, no.1
  • Hoffmeister viola concerto
  • Telemann viola concerto
  • Walton viola concerto

Michael was a member of the New Burlington Quartet 2010-2015.


Graduate studiesBMus Music 2.1 (2009) Royal Holloway, University of London and Royal Academy of Music.


  • Robert Turrell at the Royal Academy of Music, 2005-2008, and privately with Susie Meszaros, Richard Crabtree, Roger Chase, Rachel Roberts and Scott Dickinson.
  • Masterclasses with James Boyd, Paul Silverthorne, The Chilingirian Quartet and The Barbican Trio.

Michael joined Morgensterns in January 2016

Michael's web profile was last updated 10th Feb 2018


Michael Bennett (Viola) Profile

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Michael Bennett (Viola) Profile

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Michael Bennett (Viola)

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