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Enrique Galassi (Double Bass) Profile

Enrique's Orchestral bookings include …

  • Orchestras: Dartford Symphony Orchestra.
  • Orchestras (Opera/Ballet): Chelsea Opera Group.
  • Chamber Orchestras: Aurelian Ensemble, Bernardi Chamber Ensemble.
  • Sessions: BBC TV Session.

other items of interest …


  • Aldworth Philharmonic
  • Amadeus Orchestra
  • Amati Orchestra
  • Aurelian Ensemble
  • British Sinfonia
  • Chelsea Opera
  • Dartford Symphony Orchestra
  • Dartington Summer School
  • Eastbourne Sinfonia
  • Eurasian Symphony Orchestra
  • Helios Chamber Orchestra
  • Hounslow Symphony Orchestra
  • Kensington Philharmonic orchestra
  • Kingston Philharmonia
  • Lambeth symphony orchestra
  • London Arte Chamber Orchestra
  • London Oratory School
  • London Tango Orchestra
  • Nottingham Symphony Orchestra
  • Orchestra of the City
  • Orion Orchestra
  • Peterborough Symphony Orchestra
  • Philharmonia Britannica
  • Rosenau Sinfonia
  • Trinity Orchestra Harrow
  • University of Cambridge Orchestra
  • University of Surrey Symphony orchestra
  • Watford Symphony Orchestra
  • Whitgift School
  • Willington Festival chorus
  • Young Janacek Philharmonic


  • Bartholdy Chamber Orchestra
  • Bernardi Chamber Ensemble
  • Bloomsbury Chamber Orchestra
  • Brunelleschi Ensemble
  • Fugata Quintet

Choral Societies

  • Bermondsey choral Society
  • Epsom choral Society
  • Hastings choral Society
  • Reading choral Society
  • Teddington choral Society


  • Flamenka (West End)
  • Guys and Dolls (John Lyon School)
  • Tango in the city

Enrique became a member of the Brunelleschi Ensemble in July 2008. Performances include

  • Playing the musical Flamenka at the Lyric Theatre, staged by Craig Revel Horwood
  • Principal double bass of the Young Janacek Philharmonic (Tour to France)

In addition to his orchestral work, Enrique is in great demand as a double bass player on the London Tango scene where he has performed with The Buenos Aires Tango Orchestra, Los Mareados, Guillermo Rozenthuler, Allegro Ensemble and in the musical Tango in the City, directed by Terry Bates.

In 2005 Enrique founded the Tango quintet Del Plata who focus on Tango and contemporary music frequently playing in concert halls, Latin-American embassies, the Anglo-latin American society (Canning House) and touring around the UK.

He has also played the electric bass in rock and latin bands such as Vegetal, La Turma and Los Profetas de Jamon performing on national television in Argentina.


Graduate studies

Trinity College of Music (BMus, 2004-2007).

Schools attended

Morley College, London.

Prizes and Awards

  • Vernon Elliott Double Bass Prize (2004)
  • Participation in Giovanni Bottesini 4th Internation Double Bass Competition in Crema, Italy.


Corin Long, Neil Tarlton.

Masterclasses: Rinat Ibraguimov, Alex Henery, Corado Cannonici.

Enrique joined Morgensterns in February 2008

Enrique's web profile was last updated 28th Mar 2019


Enrique Galassi (Double Bass) Profile

Teaching experience

Enrique has taught at the Beethoven Academy of Music in Buenos Aires (1996-1998) and continues to teach double bass to pupils in Greater London.


Enrique Galassi (Double Bass) Profile

Enrique Galassi and Tango Strings - Contrabajeando, by Astor Piazzolla - 360 Video and Audio


Enrique Galassi (Double Bass) Profile

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Enrique Galassi (Double Bass) Profile

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Enrique Galassi (Double Bass)

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